Why AI for kids?

The future of our world is Digital. AI, a booming technology, always intrigues people all over the world
which is capable of altering every aspect of our life.

Abstract Thinking:

With abstract thinking kids can conceive of new things and ideas.

Logical Thinking:

Having logical thinking skills encourages kids to think for themselves, and question assumptions.

Problem Solving:

In this process kids who code, experience real word problem solving.


What They Will Develop

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Learnuva is a learning platform to equip the younger generation with the power to control technology with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s not what you learn, it’s all about how you learn coding.

Learnuva is offering bootcamps integrating AI with IoT, Robotics, Drones, Python and Game development which has several modules, each module can be done independently. In every course, your child gets Hands-On development experience to apply his/her training and building projects that expand his/her skills.

Learnuva recognize that each kid learns differently. Our curriculum allows students to advance at their own pace. Our goal is that no one is left in the dust and no one is bored by slow progress.Learnuva offers to teach coding for kids from 8 yrs. and above.There are different batches for different age groups.

You can either enroll just now by clicking on the “ENROLL NOW” button at the Top of this page and our Program Co-Ordinator will be happy to help/get back to you or can be directly contacted at phone number.

Our Mission is to encourage your child to completely understand the logic and advanced thinking behind programming and to have control over technology with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

At the end of the Learnuva program, Kids can invite their family and friends to join us for a showcase celebration to share their final projects. Learn more about the fun and exciting activities your child experienced during the program. At the end, these hands-on, project-based courses will give students the tools they need to discover their passions.

Make your child future ready

Your Child will demonstrate and share knowledge whichempower them and it deepens their own understanding.

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